Today Afssaps reacts very quickly to stop the derivatives he insists. .
After Internet and the iPhone, the first search engine of equivalence between originator and generic medications available to as Kelmed, iPad is exported. The therapeutic safety should come out winning. This search engine is therefore always available-free-and can follow the displacements of the patients.
The principle Kelmed is well known. This search engine which will make equivalences between originator and generic medicines, has first been put online by the laboratory of generic medications Biogaran on its website. Just enter the name of the drug, to select the strength and dosage form-pill, capsule, syrup.-and then move directly to that list of its generic equivalents. Conversely, it is also possible to enter the name of the generic to find the originator. Ideal has abroad, among others.
With his success on the Internet and therefore on the iPhone, Kelmed is intended henceforth to users of the digital tablet iPad. Always sober design, a larger screen and an extremely simple navigation make reading very comfortable. Wherever you are, you will have access to your data bank online 24 hours on 24 and 7. 7 days for free.
The data delivered by Kelmed are continuously updated using information from the Vidal, the specialist reference information on health products. You know, the famous big red book you find on your doctor’s office!