You are certainly looking forward, with the arrival of summer, to share new adventures sunny with your dog. Remember that the sun, heat, insects and the beach are not safe for your friend! FataleL’ete of Heat and parasitesAttaques aeriennesPlage natureChaleur fataleLe dog and high temperatures do not mix household. In fact, dogs do not sweat and need to evacuate almost no heat through panting. Significant heat when the dog is still in the sun or worse, when it is locked in a car in warm weather (even windows ajar), can raise its body temperature until the appearance of a rapidly fatal shock. If your dog had to be a victim of such a heat stroke, emergency treatment consists in placing it in cold water or wet cloths to bring down his temperature. Warn also dehydration leaving any permanent fresh water is available. .
The summer of parasitesLes fleas live year round in homes, but are most abundant in summer. Besides their action irritates the skin, they can also transmit to intestinal (Dipylidium) and cause anemia during heavy infestation. Although they prefer spring and fall, ticks also represent a hazard in summer. They cause itching and transmit pathogens responsible for serious diseases such as babesiosis, Lyme disease and erlichiosis. Finally, if your dog frantically licking the paws or scratches his ears mainly in the months of August and September, inspect these areas to search small clusters orange. You will then perhaps the opportunity to get acquainted with larval chigger mites APPOINTED. There are many drugs to prevent and treat these infections.