The sexuality continues to evolve and change habits in the matter. There is talk of new sexual behaviors. Orient themselves to be a sexual liberalization? According to Professor Paul Bensussan, let’s be realistic, sexuality remains under close surveillance. e-health: What Happens Next to her own sexuality? e-health: If we’re not the liberalization has, do you think we will achieve it one day or behaviors that remain codified. despite appearances? Professor Paul Bensussan: The apparent permissiveness of our society should not obscure the fact that sexual behavior, including the most unbridled and innovative, remain under close surveillance. Certainly, voyeurism exhibitionism current mediatic powers, taboos have declined (I think homosexuality has, once sexual offense and perversion.), New behaviors emerge as a symbol of modernity (bisexuality, echangisme, sadomasochism soft. ). However, all this seems extraordinarily rigid and codified and only a naive reading of this evolution may be unwisely conclude a liberalization of morals. The law called social modernization of January 2002 and particularly its extensive definition of the offense of sexual harassment, perfectly illustrate the coexistence of apparent permissiveness and legal tension with increase in the field of sexual delinquency. and repression.En contrast, the diversification of sexual behavior reinforces one of the most powerful engines of the erotic life: curiosity. Thanks to this development, many couples, formerly restricted to the erotic potential, have tried (with varying degrees of happiness and perseverance) has erotic fantasies which they would never dream of other times. e-health: What Happens Next to her own sexuality? Professor Paul Bensussan: The temptation to open has promoted fantasies (one can say otherwise. ) By the media can not be erected in good standing and should not be forgotten that in this area while still possible, of zero. at infinity. And assertiveness is no longer just a dare try this or that experience or practice, it can also be measured in the ability not to feel concerned by the trend fantasies, not to disparage her or his sexuality practices under the pretext classicism or tackiness. Sexual fulfillment of an individual, the erotic potential of a couple, can not be measured is in terms of their diversity or their conformity to a norm. Was it the lack of standard!.