Watch the attitudes of our pets is their opportunity to contact us. Indeed, certain postures or position of the ears or tail are indicative of their state of mind! Joy and happiness in the chienLa afraid of the dog may precede an attack! How to detect a risk of aggression between dogs and Misunderstandings chatsJoie and good humor in the chienVotre dog wags the tail of a large, regular way? His ears are straight and he quietly observes his surroundings? Then it is certainly serene and happy. To testify his good humor, it can also bring you the ball preferred to invite you to the game Finally, when their congener or a human being shows itself agitated, some dogs start on the back to show their willingness to calm the situation and to find a peaceful solution. The fear of the dog may precede an attack! When your dog feels ill at ease, he has often expressed particular using his ears are laid towards the back or plated on each side of the head. .
Movements of tail very fast and very small amplitude can come confirm this discomfort. If this situation does not find peace and turns into fear, it can return its tail between its hind legs. In an attempt to be forgotten, the dog may also be lurking near the ground, legs bent. The bristly hairs on the back also testify to a state of anxiety or nervousness. In addition, intense fear can induce tremors throughout the body. Finally, you can sometimes see the fear in his eyes with pupils dilated.