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Fibromyalgia: moving every day reduces pain!

December 27 , 2012 In: Lung Diseases

This pilot study has concerned only a limited number of FMS patients, but the result is particularly interesting. Continue reading →

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Tobacco and fetus: attention to their little hearts!

August 6 , 2012 In: Lung Diseases

Smoking during pregnancy exposes to immediate hazards: miscarriage, placental rupture, premature birth, low birthweight birtha. Continue reading →

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Protect your dog from the dangers of summer

July 30 , 2012 In: Lung Diseases

You are certainly looking forward, with the arrival of summer, to share new adventures sunny with your dog. Continue reading →

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Stress, stop to bite the bullet!

June 13 , 2012 In: Lung Diseases

Everyone knows the expression grits his teeth, it’ll pass, meaning that the situation will turn out for itself. Continue reading →

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Cancer of the cervix: use to test a vaccine candidate

May 22 , 2012 In: Lung Diseases

A preventive vaccine against cancer of the cervix has confirmed its effectiveness. Directed against the virus most frequently involved, it could help prevent the development of 70 % of these cancers worldwide. Continue reading →

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Bladder cancer: increasing, especially in smokers!

May 3 , 2012 In: Lung Diseases

The bladder cancer is rising in industrialized countries. Men are the most affected, but the mortality rate continues to elevate women since 1985. Continue reading →

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Enjoy the plants have had your fill of sun to

March 25 , 2012 In: Lung Diseases

Enjoy the plants have had your fill of sun to introduce you to the phytotherapy. The best way to understand its workings, learn to recognize plants, and thus begin to take charge of your health naturally. Continue reading →

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While not homogeneous, the electorate is Catholic, I know him

December 24 , 2011 In: Lung Diseases

While not homogeneous, the electorate is Catholic, I know him well and I fear that in 2012 he makes an ill fate to Sarkozy. Continue reading →

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Among a wealth of books and documents

September 18 , 2011 In: Lung Diseases

Among a wealth of books and documents of phytotherapy who fail any idea of clinical evaluation, this book is a unique branch on which to hang. Continue reading →

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Anyway, the chips are down

August 23 , 2011 In: Lung Diseases

Anyway, the chips are down, your companion will be dismissed and you go to cph anyway… We can not afford to go the DTC… The case is complex and requires, in my opinion, a lawyer. Continue reading →

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