A preventive vaccine against cancer of the cervix has confirmed its effectiveness. Directed against the virus most frequently involved, it could help prevent the development of 70 % of these cancers worldwide. With the new test will begin, it is likely that a vaccine against cancer of the cervix is available for 2006. Call for applications for a new trial vaccinalQuatre years after receiving the vaccine injection, 95% of vaccinated women are always protected against viruses implicated in more than half of all cancers of the cervix. Recall that the cancer the cervix has the peculiarity has to evolve from lesions caused by sexually transmitted viruses, papillomaviruses (HPV). Now all HPV do not have the same pathogenicity. Thus the researchers produced a vaccine directed against the preventive most dangerous types, HPV 16 and 18. These virus types are involved in 70 % of cancers of the cervix and kill more than 250,000 women a year worldwide, of which nearly a thousand in UK. To confirm the very good results obtained in this study, tests on a larger scale taken on more extenders, are now necessary..